New Annuals + Hanging Baskets Arriving Soon

New Annuals + Hanging Baskets Arriving Soon

Update on our shipments arriving on 4/15: All of our delivery trucks have been delayed until 4/16. We are sorry about the inconvenience. You can call us tomorrow at 541-996-2327 for an update on arriving shipments. We will be receiving over 100 flats of plants tomorrow 4/16 for those of you who are waiting. Thank you for your patience!

We’re starting to get everything stocked for Spring! Hanging Baskets in stock - Fuchsia Baskets, Petunia baskets, and mixed shade. Lots of annuals for containers and baskets - petunias, nemesia, calibrachoa, osteospermum, begonias, impatiens, creeping charlie, etc. Getting new Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas, Shrubs, etc weekly. Check Thursday 4/16 for a large delivery of Supertunia Petunias, Calibrachoa, Begonias, vegetable starts, lithodora, nasturtium, and many other flowers!

Give us a call at 541-996-2327 for availability of arriving plants and orders.

We are delivering daily to Lincoln City and surrounding areas.

Tyler Torrance

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