Store Gifts

Store Gifts

Many of our first time customers are pleasantly surprised to find that our store is brimming with gifts for almost any occasion.

Inside, you will find the biggest selection of houseplants in Lincoln City. Houseplants that are great for air quality, seasonal blooming, and bright light - low light situations. We also have a decent variety of air plants from large Xerographicas to smaller Argenta thin leafs. You will find glass terrariums and supplies which match well with our air plants for DIY projects. Pottery in a variety of sizes from 2inch - 22inch and styles such as glazed - crackled - galvanized - decorative - wood & ceramic. Customers usually find it convenient to mix and match pots with our houseplants and have them done up on our potting shed. We also have figurines perfect for small garden art displays and terrariums such as gnomes, critters, and fairies. Small to medium sized statuary pieces such as mermaids - birds - animals - frogs. And lots more!

Be sure to check in often for new season gifts.

Tyler Torrance

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